Brazil's Million Dollar Arm

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What’s going on all you sports fans, and baseball fans in particular. Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog where I got something big for you today. In only a couple days the MLB international signing period will open and there is a young man is Brazil that is perched to collect and seven figure payday. At only 16 years old, can this young man live up to the pitch given to the league from his number one fan, his father?  Read more

Beginners Baseball Checklist

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Hey everyone, I would like to thank you all for taking a read one my sports and fitness blog. Previously I have posted about how good it can be for kids to get into softball when they are young and I stand by that. I also think however that kids should make the jump from softball to baseball whenever possible (if possible at all) as the sport helps with everything softball helps with ten fold. Of course, it is hard to afford your kids doing so many different sports which is why I bought all of my sons equipment used from which has saved us so much money. To save even more money you can follow my checklist for beginners baseball, which highlights the things you need compared to the stuff that your kids will want. Read more

NFL Draft

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NFL Draft

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I am really excited for this post, I have been waiting to post this for a couple weeks now. Any other NFL fans out there? Then you already know what I am talking about. The NFL draft happened in the middle of last month, and it was both surprising and not surprising at all. We saw the Cleveland Browns take the consensus number one overall pick in Myles Garrett who I am very excited to see play this year as a Steelers fan. We had the surprising but not really surprising, with the Cincinnati Bengals selecting woman beater Joe Mixon with their first round pick. I am sure he will learn a lot from fellow plagues on humanity Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones. Read more

Customize Your Skateboard

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Customize Your Skateboard

What’s up guys, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Thanks to some adults ballet classes that I took (I mentioned them in the post about ballet) my knee is getting its bend back and I have been able to skateboard again. It was easy enough to get back into skateboarding; I bought a used skateboard on and it has served me really well which is great since it was really cheap. Getting back on a board has made me want to get more into the sport, so I want to upgrade my board a little bit more. I was thinking of getting a new set of truck, and maybe some custom griptape. Or a whole new set up, who knows!  Read more

Raiders Hedge their Bets in Vegas

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Raiders Hedge their Bets in Vegas

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. The sporting world in North America was shocked the other day when during the annual NFL owners meeting a proposal was approved to move yet another NFL franchise. Owners voted 31-1 in support of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas. The only team voting against the move was the Miami Dolphins, who stated “...we as owners and as a League owe it to the fans to do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted,” according to the owner. Read more

Good First Sports For Kids

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Good First Sports for Kids

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. As one of the parents of my 6 year old, I understand how difficult it can be to get your children into sports regularly. I get it. As a kid I was pretty bad as well, having to be put into over half a dozen sports before I found one that stuck, and I was already 12 by that time. That why I try to find sports that my son can have fun at and continue playing if he wants to. Sports equipment is quite costly though, meaning that I tend to buy secondhand sports equipment from which is actually great as I never lose much if he doesn’t enjoy. Here are a couple of the sport that we have played with our son and some good ways to get your kids into them while still having fun. Read more

Is Boxing losing it’s popularity

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Is Boxing losing it’s popularity 

Some may refer to Cassius Clay, aka Mohammed Ali, as the greatest sportsman of all time. He spent his formative years mostly out of the public eye, due to a debilitating mental illness, most likely caused by his career. People would pay fortunes to travel to Vegas to watch heavyweights in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Don King, like him or loathe him, brought heavyweights together and had the whole sporting world on their feet. Organizing events like the thriller in Manila / rumble in the jungle, was no mean feat back in the day.  Following Ali, we had Iron Mike Tyson, who fired up the heavyweight division once again with his brutal knock outs. Read more

Adult ballet.

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Adult ballet. 

Hi everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog.  With Christmas and New Year approaching fast, I’m sure I’m not the only one stepping up my fitness game in order to combat the vast quantities of carbs I’m planning on shovelling en mass into my mouth.  And that’s not including the incredible amount of drinks I’m already consuming with all the christmas parties, catch ups with friends and christmas markets. Whilst online christmas shopping the other day I stumbled across a website selling high quality gym and fitness wear at affordable prices,, and found myself buying a pair of ballet slippers, and signed up to my local adult ballet class.  Read more

American Football in the Olympics

24/11/2016 Main
American Football in the Olympics

    What’s up happy people, welcome to another post in my sporting blog. I’m doing a little cross-over post and covering two different topics, football and the Olympics. That’s  because I recently read about American football being discussed for inclusion into the Olympics in 2024. Personally I love football and played it for close to a decade, so the idea of it being brought to the big stage excites me. I have watched some of the international competitions and the United States doesn’t always win the championships although there are restrictions on where the players can come from and I have never seen a famous NCAA university player on the field. I have never really seen Canadian players from prestigious schools either, so it goes both ways. Read more

Steelers NFL Draft

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Steelers 2016 NFL Draft Mid Season Review

Hey everyone and welcome back to my NFL and general sporting blog. Since it is week eight of the NFL season I wanted to add a jersey from one of our rookies to my collection but I couldn’t find whose jersey to get. I found lots of second hand Steelers jerseys for sale including most of the rookies but it can be really hard decision as you don’t want to be left with a jersey from a player who left after one season. That’s why I have compiled this list of all 7 rookies and what they are doing/have done this season. I will also include undrafted free agents at the bottom. Read more


Gym my hobby

18/10/2016 Main

Gym is my hobby Read more


Is That REALLY a Sport?

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Is that REALLY a Sport?

Hi guys! Read more


Golf Ryder-Cup

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Golf Ryder Cup

Well we all know what happened last weekend with the Ryder Cup. It’s been a long time since we’ve had to taste defeat at the hands of the Americans in the Ryder Cup but it’s finally come on their turf. Fair play to them, they played well over the course of the tournament and I had them as favourites ever since the first ball was teed-off to be fair. Read more

GoPro For Motorsport

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GoPro For Motorsport

Hey folks. How are you all doing? Well I hope. What have you all been up to of late? I’ve been quite the busy bee! Since my last blog post I have been watching a lot of motorsport. And not just on the TV. I’ve actually been along to a few racetracks and watched a number of races in the person. It’s an absolutely different experience from sitting at home watching it on the box, I can tell you! Anyway, while I was watching I noticed that many of the drivers had the latest GoPro Action Cameras. Whether it be a helmet mount or mounted on their vehicle, the vast majority were sporting them. Action cameras are a relatively new phenomenon but have revolutionised the way in which we can capture the action of extreme sports such as motor racing. And they are so easily affordable and accessible! Just check out all the listings I found for sale at this website:  Impressive huh? In this blog post I am going to discuss all the ways in which a GoPro can benefit the modern racing driver. Enjoy! Read more

Sport or a Game

28/05/2016 Main

Hey folks. I am not in much of a writing mood today so this is going to be a short one I am afraid. I wanted to pose a question to you: what is the difference between a game and a sport? “What on earth do you mean?” I hear you ask.  Well think about it for a second. There are plenty of activities out there that we would classify as sport; football, rugby, tennis, athletics etc. What all these activities have in common is that it needs a level of skill and athleticism to participate in the properly. But then there are a number of activities out there that are classified as sport and while requiring definite skill, they do not require a specific level of fitness or athleticism. For example, darts, snooker, pool, bowls to name just a few. Do you think it is right that activities of this nature should be classified as sport? Or do you think a fairer classification would be “a game”? The men who play darts on the television are often very overweight, smoke and drink. They are in no way athletes like the modern day football player for example. Back in the 1980’s, many snooker players used to drink alcohol and smoke while playing world class snooker. Can they be described as sportsmen or athletes? I’m not so sure. I understand that this view will be written off by many as pure conjecture, but i believe there is some merit to my opinion, and it is just that, an opinion. But for the sake of stimulating a bit of conversation I thought i would put this out there. What are your thoughts? D you agree or disagree? Be sure to drop us a line to the usual addressSpor and let us know. I’ll publish your replies in a future post. Ta ta for now folks! Speak soon. Read more


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Cricket is a complex game and can be difficult to watch and understand for the uninitiated. This is especially so as there are actually so many different forms of the game itself. It can certainly be confusing as a result of this. In this blog post I will attempt to break down and explain the different types of cricket that played around the world and give an overview of each. Read more

My Top Five Football Heroes

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Hi, it’s Kev again. As it’s St George’s day today, I thought I would talk about my favourite English football heroes of all time. Here’s The countdown of my top 5: Read more

Rare Adidas Predator at

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Adidas Predator; those iconic football boots that everyone wanted when they were first released and are still very popular today. 1994 saw the release of the very first pair, simply called Predator, and to this day there have been 12 different models, with many variations of each model. The boots have been at the forefront of football design for the past twenty years, which makes me feel old! In May of 2015, Adidas announced that they would be discontinuing production of the iconic boot, which has now insured its cult and legendary status. As you can see on their website Adidas talk of football evolving, and the evolution of the football boot, but we love the Predator and will always have a place in our hearts. Read more


The Road to 2016

22/04/2016 Main

So the next European Championship (disappointment) is in France, in 2016. Qualification should be a formality. We brushed aside Switzerland (considered our toughest opponents) in the first game and from then on it was just a matter of professionally dispatching all the other opponents. San Marino, Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania (all footballing heavyweights ha-ha) have all been brushed aside, and realistically England should win every single game. If they don’t then I think that should be considered a failure. We do this every time though. Smash the s%!t out of the qualifying and then get scared to death once the actual tournament comes around. I think after the World Cup last year, it finally dawned on most people (including me), that England are actually quite rubbish as a football team, and that expectations should be drastically lowered, apart from old ‘Arry Redknapp, who has recently declared that “England can win Euro 2016�. What a plonker. What an absolute plonker. It’s these kinds of outbursts that fill delusional people with the hope of a good showing at a major finals. The last one was in 1996. Nearly twenty years ago. England were on home turf at Euro 96 and we made it to the semi-finals, and very nearly to the final. I was only 13 at the time but I can remember it vividly. It is good to see Danny Welbeck (I am an Arsenal fan by the way) doing well for the national side. Nobody has scored more goals in all of the qualifying groups and he looks like a lad who is enjoying playing for his country. Rooney is edging ever closer to Bobby Charlton’s record England tally, and he has a perfect opportunity to grab it in qualifying when you look at the (lack of) quality of our opponents. It is a shame Fraser Forster got badly injured, as I would have liked to see Joe Hart come under a bit more pressure for his place in the side. That time will come though, as long as Forster makes a good recovery. It’s been a professional campaign so far, let’s hope it stays that way! England! Read more

Ultimate England World Cup Eleven

22/02/2016 Main

Hey guys. Football has of course been dominating my thoughts again today and I have been looking at England’s World Cup squads throughout history. We have had some incredible players over the years and here is my ‘Ultimate World Cup 11’. Will of course only feature players to play at a World Cup. Read more

Possible England 2018 Team

10/01/2016 Main
Hey guys. I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently and wanted to share my thoughts with you lot. Providing we qualify for the World Cup in Russia, here is team I would like to see there.

Looking Back at Brazil 2014

22/03/2015 Main

This entry is hard to do guys. Those horrible couple of weeks in the summer of 2014 are burnt into my brain, I was so excited (why, I don’t know, but it’s something that happens to English football fans at every major tournament), the World Cup comes around every four years and provides us with the pinnacle of the game we all love. I wanted to write this entry because I want to try and make sense of it all, now that I am not angry and upset about it! It’s only a game after all (said no one, ever). Read more


About Me

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Three Lions on a shirt! Ingerland, Ingerland, Ingerland!!! You get the picture? Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing England lift a trophy. I go to all the games and know everything about the England football team. This is my blog so that you can hear all about it, if you are a huge football like me! My mates call me Kev!